Cedar Bevel Siding

Western Red Cedar from Dindas is nature’s perfect siding material. Its natural oils make it resistant to decay and insects, and its smooth grain is exceptionally stable and durable when exposed to the sun and the elements.
Cedar Siding has excellent workability and enables clean cutting and easy nailing with no splitting. As a 100% natural product, it doesn’t require any special handling, extra health protection, or pose any clean-up problems. 
Western Red Cedar is easy to finish with solid, oil-based stains, clear penetrating sealers, or unlike composite substitutes that attempt to simulate the appearance of cedar siding, our Western Red Cedar Bevel has the natural depth and character desired for the finest appearance. 
Nothing else comes close to cedar’s ideal combination of durability, stability, and workability to achieve natural beauty in finely crafted homes.
Dindas WRC Bevel Siding MSDS » Download PDF (1.9 MB)
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