About Us

From humble family beginnings more than 60 years ago, Dindas Australia has grown into a true leader in the Engineered Wood Products industry. Being the first EWP business to bring to LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) to Australia, we have continued to develop and improve our strategic partnerships worldwide.

About Us

Dindas Australia is a leading distributor of Engineered Wood Products. We are aligned closely with our customers to provide value-added products and innovative building materials with the potential to revolutionise the wood technology industry in Australia and beyond.

We are committed to developing and maintaining industry best practices to ensure we are regarded as the first and only choice market leader in our field.

Since its inception, we have dedicated our expertise to offer premium products from reputable manufacturers as we seek to build an excellent relationship with our customers. Our international manufacturers share in our commitment to provide the highest quality products at competitive prices. We stand behind every product we offer to customers, and we want them to be completely satisfied with the product they purchase. Dindas Australia currently imports from New Zealand, the West Coast of the USA, Canada, Europe, and South-East Asia, as well as distributing many local products. We seek to provide value to our customers through our team,
service, systems, relationships, and products.

We guarantee price competitiveness, quality of the product, and service efficiency


Our history - at a glance

1958 – Dindas family started a small sawmill operation

1961 – Dindas Opens Melbourne distribution centre

1982 – Dindas Opens Brisbane Branch in Tingalpa, QLD

1987 – Dindas Opens Sydney Branch in St Mary’s, NSW

1987 – Dindas installed a 15m LOSP Timber Treatment facility in Brisbane, QLD

1988 – First company to distribute & supply LVL into Australia – specialist in EWP​​

1989 – Creation of the Dindas design centre and technical teams

2014 – Installation of a Weinmann WBZ full woodworking machine installed into the Victorian operation

2015 – Installation of a PRINZ automated pack cutting saw into the Queensland operation

2016 – Major product range expansion of the suite of engineering wood products

2020 – Introduction of DDS (Dindas Design Suite) into the business nationally


Our people

We very proudly remain a privately-owned Australian timber import and wholesale company with strong values based on people, passion and innovation and empower our people to not only understand our customer’s needs but to continually work hard to exceed them. We employ a large talented and diverse group of people across the Dindas Australia Group, which includes our global design operations and business partners across Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, USA, and South-East Asia.


Our commitment to sustainability

Dindas Australia has always taken our environmental responsibilities as a timber merchant very seriously. Our strategic timber manufacturing partners share in our sustainability vision. Together, we’re committed to applying sustainable practices across all aspects of our business, from manufacturing processes to safe, healthy working conditions for our staff.


Our vision and mission

To provide worlds best building product logistics solutions, delivering value to our customers and suppliers through continuous improvement of our service, our team, systems and relationships.

To participate as both a business and a global citizen, recognizing the benefits of safety and sustainability in our dealings with all stakeholders as a long-term partner and provider.

Our Values

Human Values

We are custodians of forest products, we must act with consideration for the environment and sustainability for future generations

People make our business

To excite, motivate and challenge our team in an enjoyable and rewarding professional environment

Value Add Focused

Our service focus and point of difference involves the scalable capacity to value -add with our state of the art logistics systems, design and estimating systems, product research and development centre, LOSP treatment facility and other services

We are passionate about our customers

We are here to create enjoyable experiences that promote active communication and deliver profitable outcomes to our customers and suppliers.

Future Thinking

Our focus on Value-adding, solutions-based long term trading in an environmentally and socially sustainable way is designed to embrace the trends of today and tomorrow.

Sustainability Awareness

Awareness of social and environmental sustainability will continue to grow, both as an expectation from the public and as a force that can be harnessed for positive change.

Safety is at the forefront

We are committed to safety - for our team, our customers, our suppliers, and the end-users of our products and services

Self investment

Investing in our staff across the company worldwide with professional development pathways is important not only for our business and end-users but most importantly for our valued staff. Their continued growth and happiness are vital to our overall success.