Design Centre

Our designers are the true power behind the Design Centre. Here at Dindas Australia, we do not train ‘estimators’ for simple BOM takeoffs, rather we empower our team by developing specialist EWP designers across multiple design disciplines. Our designers harness the latest in global timber design software to produce conforming design documentation that is easy to read and interrupt onsite including illustrated installation connection details. At Dindas, our EWP designers are recognised industry professionals that are well known for their attention to detail and commitment to our industry.

This adds the assurance that your job will be designed to the applicable Australian building and engineering standards with a cost-effective, sustainable and complete design outcome.

Workflow Management

To ensure fast turnaround times are maintained we have implemented custom-built Workflow Management software to automate the resource and data allocation for ensuring the jobs are completed within the customers set turnaround timeframes. This software also allows us to provide our customer with clear and concise reports such as the number of estimates completed, the number of variations (or requotes) estimates to orders, estimates by the builder or even the number of estimates requested by our customer’s individual sales representatives.

Design Software Support

Dindas helps in training for design and understanding of Engineered Wood Products. Our EWP Designers are efficient in a wide range of design, estimating and detailing software programs including our exclusive Dindas Design Suite (DDS) software programs.

Dindas Quality Assurance

At Dindas we understand in order to maintain a very high-quality level of products we must have an equally good Quality Assurance Plan. Dindas ‘QA’ plan incorporates a systematic approach to clear, concise and complete planning of all elements from technical design, quality control activities, manufacturing procedures, problem identification – resolution activities and job completion audits.

For design, product information support please reach out to us at your nearest state office or the National Design Centre

QLD: 07 3249 9888

NSW: 02 9673 8000

VIC: 03 8540 0500

NDC: 07 3249 9888


Dindas currently imports from New Zealand, the West coast of USA, Canada, Europe and South East Asia...