Research & Development (R.A.D) Lab

Our research and development lab consists of, state of the art universal testing equipment from Japan. Utilising this equipment not only are we able to ensure our products conform to the Australian Standards, we also develop and test new products and construction connections to find higher capacity or more efficient ways to help our designers and the builders on their job sites.

Product Testing & Evaluation

With changes to the NCC (National Construction Code) and reliance on either Deemed to satisfy or Performance Solutions pathways for products, we are often asked how do we know the manufacturer’s details are accurate. That is a great question. Firstly, it is important to always ensure the manufacturer provides an independent report that verifies their products have been tested in accordance with AS/NZS standards. These reports are usually verified by an independent authority such as JAS/ANZ, Sai Global, ASTM to name just a couple.

When we use any products in combination with one another we then undertake our own internal testing to ensure that we provide a ‘Design Solution’ for our customers that is compliant and is backed by data. NOTE: This is also audited by an external engineering firm or our University Partner labs for peace of mind.

Product Innovation

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RAD Team

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From Testing to Reality - Stage Gates

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