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New South Wales, it is now easier for you to keep COVID safe and track where you have been!

Just download the service NSW app or use the web form after scanning the QR code at the front door!

Let’s keep us all safe, always sign in and always wear your masks when leaving the 😷

Let’s tackle COVID! 😊

Victoria Check in and you are ready!
VU Safe App has all information regarding COVID-19 and has the check in function! Download it from your usual media store.

Make sure wherever you go in Victoria you are checking in to help keep contact tracing quick and easy!

Stay Safe ...and Healthy and don't forget your masks!!😊

Shout out to the Dindas Victoria Team who managed to get together recently (before the lockdown 😷) for their R U OK BBQ lunch and Town Hall meeting.

Looking great guys 👍 and hope to see you all back together soon.

Check out the latest news feed on our website for advice on how to update your building standards to the recently released 2021 AS1684. Parts 2 and 3 of the Residential Timber-Framed Construction. These are a must-have reference book for all you builders out there!! 👍🔨
It's also what... our awesome EWP designers use every day to ensure your designs are always completed correctly.

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Thanks for the tag on these great pics of your framing at the Gap!
Keep it up 🙌🏼🔨

Our new and Improved Dindas Website is up and running!
This website has loads of new features and fun things for everyone.

It has History about Dindas from where it all first started, to where we are now.
There are installation guides, lists of products and what they are used ...for. There is also a new 3D Collection, which shows a 3D version of products and installations - which can be seen in the video attached (and available 24/7!)🙌

A really exciting one is the Interactive Joist Span Table!
All you need is your building type, Floor Dead load and your preferred Max Deflection. With this information, our system can bring a table up with all the possible Joists that could be used!

We are very proud of the work that has been done on this new website and are very excited to share it with everyone!

A very Big Thank you to John Cannard our Chief Technical Officer, for working so tirelessly to get this website looking as awesome as it does!🔥

We hope you like it as much as we do!
follow this link or the link in our bio!

Dindas QLD will be closed on the 9th of August for Ekka Show day!
We will be back open from Tuesday 10th of August! 🙌🏼

The house on the hill is underway!!!

Thanks for the tag guys and great pic! Can’t wait to see the end result! 🙌🏼🔨🏠

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Checked in and you’re good to go! 😁

Just use the Check in QLD app and scan the QR code when you come to our office!
This helps fast contact tracing if needed! ✔️
Make sure you sign in wherever you go and have your mask on you! 😷

Let’s help keep QLD safe ...🙌🏼


Dindas currently imports from New Zealand, the West coast of USA, Canada, Europe and South East Asia...