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This Morning our Dindas Teams from VIC and QLD held a morning tea in relation to R U Okay? Day. If you would like to donate please see the link down below.
Here are some facts
 About 8 people take their own lives in Australia every day.
 For every death it’s estimated another... 30 people will attempt suicide.
 89% of people report knowing somebody who has tried to attempt.
For every donation, the money goes to helping those who are struggling with life. It helps those who do not feel connected and alone, to feel like they have someone to talk to, someone who will listen.
So, let’s all start asking the question, R U Okay?

Last Month Dindas were invited to the WFTN Industry Tour for 2021. It was held at HQ Plantations, where we got a good understanding of the supply chain and how our timber began as seeds and then turned into the products we have today.
We would love to thank HQ Plantations for hosting this tour... and allowing us to walk through your forestry. We would also like to thank WFTN for allowing women of this industry to be involved and have a deeper understanding of our wood products.

When art takes the lead.
Great to see our mates @turveyconstructions feature article in the Master Builders Housing & Construction Awards magazine 2021. Congrats on an outstanding build guys and glad we were able to help with the design and supply of the LVL framing (wall and roof) and ...I-Joist floor solutions. See you on the next one!

“NSW enters into tighter restrictions. The team at Dindas is working through the challenges to ensure a COVID safe workplace for all of our valued staff members. Be Safe Everyone”.

In regards to the recent QLD Government announcement and the rescheduling of the Ekka Public Holiday to a later date, Dindas Australia - QLD will now remain open on Monday 9th August.

Please remember if you are picking up your order, or coming in the office please wear your mask and use ...the QR code provided at the front desk.

We wish you all a safe and healthy lock down😷

Do you ever wonder how we create your awesome looking construction site layouts and details? Well, wonder no more! Thanks to our friends at FTMA, a new article has been published recently written by our very own CTO - John Cannard providing a little insight as to the history and evolution of our systems.

Check out the article here:

New South Wales, it is now easier for you to keep COVID safe and track where you have been!

Just download the service NSW app or use the web form after scanning the QR code at the front door!

Let’s keep us all safe, always sign in and always wear your masks when leaving the 😷

Let’s tackle COVID! 😊

Victoria Check in and you are ready!
VU Safe App has all information regarding COVID-19 and has the check in function! Download it from your usual media store.

Make sure wherever you go in Victoria you are checking in to help keep contact tracing quick and easy!

Stay Safe ...and Healthy and don't forget your masks!!😊

Shout out to the Dindas Victoria Team who managed to get together recently (before the lockdown 😷) for their R U OK BBQ lunch and Town Hall meeting.

Looking great guys 👍 and hope to see you all back together soon.


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