Treatment Facility

Dindas LOSP Treatment Facility

One of the largest treatment facilities in Australia

Dindas not only treat timber and engineered wood products, but we also provide custom treatment services for many merchants and wholesalers. The facility is the only Queensland based treatment plant that offers a clear H1 & H3 treatment that requires no redrying or has an impact on stability of dimensional size after treatment.


  • Long lengths up to 13.2 m
  • Quick turnaround – ready in 48 hours
  • Clear treatment for appearance grade timber
  • End stamped with Dindas treatment tag
  • Timber can be wrapped to customer requirements

Treatment Levels

  • H1
  • H2F – DJI Joists Only
  • H2
  • H3

Treatment Compliance AS1604

Dindas completes regular independent tests and audits via our treatment chemical supplier Koppers Performance Chemicals. Each charge is assigned an individual charge number and has a treatment certificate issued. Our treatment plant operators audit each charge to ensure schedules are achieving the required uptakes. Koppers Performance Chemicals have a representative attend the site on a regular basis to review products treated in the previous weeks.

Safety and the environment

All visitors, contractors and employees are inducted to our site before undertaking any work. Dindas is committed to working safely and playing our part in looking after the environment. Dindas completes ground water sampling and environmental audits twice each year to ensure our treatment process has a minimal environmental impact. All plastic removed from contract treatment packs will be recycled rather than put into land fill.


Dindas currently imports from New Zealand, the West coast of USA, Canada, Europe and South East Asia...